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How much is an OBD2 16 pin female connector

The price of the OBD2 16 pin female connector varies depending on brand, quality, and market supply. Generally speaking, the prices of OBD2 16 pin female connectors from different manufacturers vary.


Some well-known brands of OBD2 16 pin female connectors have higher prices, but their quality and reliability are also relatively good. Some smaller brands or products from informal channels may have lower prices, but quality and reliability may not be guaranteed.

If you need to purchase the OBD2 16 pin female connector, it is recommended that you first consider the brand and quality, and do not purchase inferior products for the sake of affordability, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble and losses to yourself. At the same time, you can also choose the brand and model that suits you according to your needs and budget, and purchase from legitimate channels to ensure that you purchase the true OBD2 16 pin female connector.



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