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A manufacturer specializing in the production of OBD2 16 pin female connectors

Our company is a professional manufacturer of OBD2 16 pin female connectors. Currently, we have provided various types of OBD2 16 pin female connectors to many customers.


The OBD2 16 pin female connector is a type of automotive diagnostic interface that can transmit car data to a computer for reading, analysis, and debugging through the OBD2 diagnostic protocol, in order to diagnose and repair car faults. It has 16 pins, each with different functions, which can achieve various functions such as data transmission, fault diagnosis, and maintenance.

Our company can provide various types of OBD2 16 pin female connectors to meet the needs of different customers. We have years of industry experience and are able to accurately grasp customer needs, strictly control product quality, and provide high-quality services to customers.

In addition, our OBD2 16 pin female connector has the characteristics of small size, compact structure, strong reliability, and convenient installation, making it suitable for use in various vehicle models and environments. We also provide comprehensive technical and service support to provide customers with the highest quality solutions.



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