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What is the difference between OBD and OBD II connectors?

The main difference between OBD and OBD II connectors lies in their functionality and scope of use.


Firstly, OBD (On Board Diagnostic System) connectors are used to diagnose and detect automotive engines. It can be connected to the vehicle's computer system to obtain vehicle status and fault information. The OBD II connector is a more advanced version that can diagnose not only car engines, but also other systems, such as braking and emission systems.

Secondly, the function of the OBD connector is relatively simple, as it can only read some basic fault codes, while the OBD II connector can read more fault codes and diagnose faults more accurately. In addition, the OBD II connector can also provide more information, such as the operation of the vehicle, the condition of the emission system, and so on.

The interfaces of OBD and OBD II connectors are also different, so when choosing, everyone should choose the appropriate connector according to their own needs.



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