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What are the classifications of OBD2 16 pin female connector for automobiles?

The OBD2 16 pin female connector, as the interface of the on-board diagnostic system, plays a crucial role in vehicle maintenance and ensuring vehicle safety. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the classification of automotive OBD2 16 pin female connector.


Connector classification

Classified by overall appearance

According to the overall appearance, the OBD2 16 pin female connector for automobiles can be divided into two types: single head and double head. The single head connector only contains a 16 pin female connector for connecting the vehicle diagnostic base; The dual connector, on the other hand, contains two 16 pin female connectors, one end connected to the vehicle diagnostic base and the other end connected to external devices, in order to achieve bidirectional information transmission.

Sort by pin arrangement

According to the pin arrangement, the automotive OBD2 16 pin female connector can be divided into two types: standard and reverse. The standard arrangement of connectors has a pin order of 1-16, while the reverse arrangement of connectors is the opposite. When selecting connectors, it is necessary to match them based on the interface type of external devices and the type of diagnostic socket.

Sort by Connection Method

According to the connection method, the automotive OBD2 16 pin female connector can be divided into two types: plug-in and rotary. The plug-in connector is connected through the plug-in method, which has high universality and convenience; Rotary connectors are connected by rotation and are suitable for certain specific situations, such as limited space or when more stable connections are needed.



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