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Functional characteristics of OBDII 12V 16 pin male connector

With the continuous development of automotive technology, on board diagnostic systems (OBD) have become standard equipment in modern cars. The OBDII 12V 16 pin male connector, as an important component of the OBD system, is responsible for connecting various electronic control units (ECUs) of the vehicle to achieve data transmission and diagnosis. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the functional characteristics of the OBDII 12V 16 pin male connector.


Output voltage 12V: The OBDII 12V 16 pin male connector can provide a stable 12V power supply for the vehicle's electronic system, ensuring the normal operation of the vehicle.

16 pins, tightly distributed: This connector has a total of 16 pins, tightly distributed, and can meet the connection requirements of various electronic control units (ECUs), improving system integration.

The connector material is copper, which is antioxidant and corrosion-resistant. The pins of the OBDII 12V 16 pin male connector are made of high-quality copper material, which has good antioxidant and corrosion-resistant properties and can extend the service life of the connector.



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